The Miss Buena Park contest is a group of girls that all compete to become the Miss Buena Park Queen and represent the city of Buena Park.  The group of girls that are candidates, including myself, are involved in many City Council meetings, city events and other fundraisers that take place in the community.  We started by having our first meeting in August to go over the basic rules and guidelines for the competition, the actual competition/Charity Ball itself is in October.  The competition is mainly based off of community service and how we give back to the city in our own way.  We have a certain amount of time that we are required to do our own community service individually.  The number of hours that we get by the end of the deadline, are added up and put towards our final score of becoming Miss Buena Park.  We are also required to do fundraising and get sponsors from small local businesses.  The fundraising money and number of sponsors we get are also put towards our chance of becoming Miss Buena Park.  


Some of the events that we attend during this competition, we are required to go to, other events are up to us and based on how badly we need the community service hours.  The first event that we all went to was Super Senior Saturday.  We all spent the day at the community center helping out at different booths that were there and sold food to the people that attended.  After the competition, the Miss Buena Park queen and her court will have to appear in Parades, SIlverado Days and most of the City Council meetings.  At the actual competition itself and in the parades, we are required to wear long formal dresses, at all the other events we just have to wear casual dresses.  


At the first meeting, we were told that we each had to write a speech that would be read at the competition.  Our speeches had to include basic information about ourselves and what we do; volunteer work, community service,  clubs, extracurricular activities, etc.  Some of the things that I mentioned in my speech when I talked about my involvement were, Golf and Softball, the clubs I’m in. my participation at church and my volunteer work at the library.  We also had to talk about some of the main things that inspire us and what we are most passionate about.  Towards the end of the speech, we have to ask the guests for their votes and tell them why they should vote for us.   


Each girl reads her speech at the competition and has to talk and mingle with all the guests at the competition.  Most of the guests at the Charity Ball are our family members, close friends and the City Council Members.  The Miss Buena Park queen is chosen from the number of votes she gets and how many points she gets from community service hours.  Our attendance to the different events also give us points.  The winner of the competition also receives a $1,000 scholarship for college or what they aspire to do at the time.  After the Miss Buena Park Queen is chosen, her task after that is to appear at other events and parades with her court.  The court would be all the other girls that are her runner ups.  

My experience in this competition and meeting all girls that are competing has improved my social skills and helped me to become more responsible.  It has taught me time management skills and how to take charge of my own tasks without anyone helping. Being apart of this journey has improved me overall as a person.  Volunteering at places that I hardly spend time at has also made me more comfortable in new situations.  

The Queen for this upcoming year is April Ortega, a junior at Kennedy High School.  The rest of us that are the runner ups, are her court.  We all go to events together and never single anyone out or put the spotlight on one individual.  We always do things as one group.  

Being apart of this competition has been such an amazing experience and I’m very happy that I got to be apart of it.                                                                   

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