The Kids In Uniform

When students see us in uniform,  some might think that we look great in them, others will think that it must be so uncomfortable… they’re right. We do look great in them and it can be uncomfortable, but the uniform doesn’t define who we are. We are also students that want to have great memories about high school, we are students that can be lazy at times, and we are students that might not have the best grades in the class.

When we tell people to join JROTC, they say that they don’t want to join because they are going to get yelled at or because they don’t like to run and feel that we run 10 miles every day. They’re wrong. I admit that’s what I thought, but I still tried it. Turns out that I ended up loving it. It has taught me so many things, things that I never thought I can learn, especially in that class.

There have been several seniors throughout the years that have left the program because they have graduated. I’ve had the privilege to talk to two of them, one of them told me, “You know how they say to leave high school with no regrets?  Well, I have one. My regret is that I didn’t join JROTC before.” Everything will always have two sides to it a good side and a bad side. I’ve noticed that the people in zero period are the ones that have more positive things IMG_9005-SMILEto say. I believe it is because we work together and not just sit in class taking notes and tests. We go to competitions and compete we try our best and show the rest of the people our hard work. We get to see how people work under pressure. A whole mixture of characteristics are shown. Being involved in JROTC has made me a better person. It’s showed  how to be a leader, to speak up, and to care for the people, be more compassionate, and realistic. To see that our world that isn’t perfect, but try to make the best of it. I’ve been able to interact with many veterans, there’s stories are incredible hearing what they went through gives me another perspective when20150204_144155 I’m sitting in history class. It’s given me a different view on how I see the veterans. I understand thatmany people have respect for our veterans, but it’s not until you get to hear their story when you truly understand the meaning and importance of these heroes. Not only that we get to o out in our community and do events like packing can foods for the families, collect a blood drive in our very own classroom or look sharp in our uniforms and do a ceremony 20140307_082453_2on local retirement homes for our veterans or go to our local elementary school t readIMG_3550 to the kids. Even after those event we get to spend time with our friends and get to go on hikes and go to different retired ships. We also have and annually military ball which is our very own prom, we select the king and queen and prince and princess. We have a dinner and then we to dance. All these moments make great memories we do event that none of the other club do. We find time to make memories.



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