As an artist, I have heard questions so many times, such as “How do you do that?”, “How long have you been doing it?”, and “Ill never be able to draw”. And I’m sure that many other artists have heard the same thing. The truth is that anyone can draw, no matter what. If you can only draw a stick figure, than that’s still drawing. If you can draw a full body character in detail than you know you can draw. But anyone can draw. Now in anything you do there will always be someone more skilled than you, because they put more time into the study. The same goes for drawing, There are going to be people better than me, and there will be someone better than you. But what makes a good artist is not always his/her skill level, its when he/she comes across a better artists than them and they don’t just give up because of it, they strive to be better because of it, they become inspired. That makes a good artist, because it’s an inevitable truth that you will come in contact with someone better than you, but will you continue to progress off it or will you give up at the thought that someone is better than you. Because art isn’t about competing with other artists to be the bests, its about becoming unique in your craft to awe those who look at it, and always improving yourself.  So if you do really want to draw and you don’t think you’re good, just put a lot of time into it, continue to practice, it will take time, but i promise with time and effort you can become a great artist, of any of the many branches of art and you can make your own if you want, anything is possible with art. Express yourself any way you can with it, and don’t let anyone tell you that your art isn’t worth noticing, art is all beautiful because it’s all progress.

          Like I said there are many branches of art that is all available to anyone. You could go to sketching or water color, pastel, chalk, it all just depends on what your drawn to, and you don’t have to stay to just one it’s great to spread out what you can do as an artist. Or you could go to digital art, and draw through computer programs like photoshop or animate like I want to do, bringing those drawings to life in character for someone to remember.

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