Comic Book Review: Batman Origins
9.1Overall Score
Art Dynamic7.2
Collection staple10


Stories have been around since the beginning of time and through the ages they’ve contained the tales of epic heros. From the greats like Hercules to modern heroes like superman these stories were told to both inspire and convey lessons. Today I tell the story of Batman, not just the black clad hero in a mask but the man underneath the cowl and the drive behind the justice. “What is the difference between a hero and a villain? one bad day”- the Joker

death of bruce's parents

Bruce Wayne, a man with a multi-million dollar bank account handed down within his family from his father Thomas Wayne. He began “Wayne Tech” a technology development company with the purpose of pushing technology to its highest potential. Bruce is a celebrity, making very few public appearances but always taking the time to do the duties of a millionaire that is; organizing charities, donating to the city, etc. But Bruce has a bit of a secret, back up about 30 years. Bruce is only 8 and walking home from the movie “the mark of zorro” with his father and mother; Thomas, and Martha Wayne. They decided to take a shortcut behind the monarch theatre back to the parking lot but they never make it to the car.

It’s June 26th at 10:45 a young Bruce Wayne watches as the flash of a gun takes his parents from him, with each falling shell and falling pearl from the necklace of his mother he begins to understand the true meaning of fear. Bruce Wayne now having seen the horror of corruption in Gotham City swears revenge on crime, for the next 10 years he would spend his years training and honing his mind and body into a weapon against all injustice. At the age of 14 he travels all over the world discovering and practicing multiple forms of martial arts from different masters of the arts and finishes by age 20. When he returns to Gotham City he is sitting in his manor alone feeling that something is missing, he has the skills now but there is something missing then it hits him, he needs to strike fear into the hearts of the low life criminals in the city. He recalls his fear of bats as a child so he constructs a bat themed costume with experimental technology and goes out on his first night.



The origins of Bruce Wayne have been retold multiple times over a multitude of comics This origin story is coming from Batman No. 404- 407 known as the batman “Year one” story line. Story written by Frank Miller, and art by Dave Mazzucchlli. Mazzucchelli’s art and direction accurately portrays the tragic and dark back story of this staple in the american comic sub-culture while famed story writer Frank Miller provides a stunningly dark retelling of this time old origin story. This is the beginning of the dark knight batman that we all know now, his story direction shows the dark gotham city as the corrupted reality it has become. Now while the comic itself is a bit dated it is still stunning but the art doesn’t really hold up to todays standards, though it is an attractive classic style its not everyone preferred , highly polished and computer colored comic, no. This is a comic where you can still see the painstakingly long process of all the inking and colors done by hand, its not just a comic, its a hand crafted piece of art this is why it gets a 10 for collectability and a 7 for art.  This comic run is valued highly by comic collectors so if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one id highly recommend that you protect it and enjoy it. This four issue story arc gets my rating of a 10/10. Everyone should pick up a copy, this is definitely a must have for any comic collector .

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