Hello there, student.  Welcome to what you all were taught, fun times. The best times of your life actually but that is not true. High school is back. You don’t even take the classes you enjoy anymore, you just take it so that you can get into college and the whole cycle just starts all over again. But it is ok, you can still change for the better.


Advice 1: It is absolutely ok to lose your friends and make new friends. People change and it is not a bad thing, heck it’s high school. You’re probably not even going to talk to them again after graduation so just relax and enjoy your time while you’re stuck here,


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Advice 2: Pass your classes. It seems easy to say of course but seriously pass your classes. Get help from teachers and ask if you need help. They are getting paid to help you so don’t waste all the taxpayers’ money. Befriend a smart kid so they can help you study.Hand in homework and do not have missing assignments.  Don’t be the only senior in your group of friends not graduating because you failed one freaking semester of Algebra. That is just sad.


Advice 3: Join clubs. Any club really or start your own. You like guitars? Join the Guitar club. You like knitting? Make a club all about knitting. There is honestly no excuse for not having to join at least one club.

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Advice 4: Do not cheat. Even though you know you won’t get caught, still do not cheat. You are not going to be able to cheat your way through high school I know. I have tried. Just don’t.

Follow these four steps and you might have a good year in high school. Good luck cause I’m leaving.

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