The many people that are willing to make jars of origami lucky stars for their beloveds before their adventures, exams, flights, vacations, etc. Meaningfully, the Japanese paper stars embrace the good luck. If your friend are about to study in Japan, what gift will you give him? Of course, a jar of lucky stars is the cool suggestion. Such the small gift brings the large happiness that nothing can replace. The little cute stars will definitely make the receiver delighted with the happy smile. Hence, before creating your hand-made gift, be judicious to know its secrets for the fullest understanding.


Here are 10 easy steps to make this cute little gift to give luck to your friends.


Get a strip of paper about half an inch wide.


Fold it like you are tying a knot.


Press down on the knot to make this shape.


Fold in flap.


Start folding aline the sides of the pentagon.


Continue folding…


Stop folding when you have no more to fold.


Fold in the last flap to create a perfect pentagon.


Carefully pinch in the side to make the star shape.


There’s your lucky star.

Don’t stop after one star… KEEP GOING!

1 star: The only Love 2 stars: The happy and compatible couple

9 stars: Love for the lifetime

55 stars: Love you without any regret

99 stars: The borderless love

101 stars: You are the one only in my life

129 stars: The forever and ever love

365 stars: The whole year of blessing

548 stars: Wishing you love me endlessly

999 stars: Everlasting love

10,000 stars: Love you 10,000 years


You can use any type of paper to add your own personality into your little gift.



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