As the school year is starting to come to an end, I look back at what I have accomplished and experienced in the past nine months; and there has been a lot that has happened. I can’t tell you everything that has exactly happened, but I’ll just tell you the highlights. Going in chronological order, the most fun thing I have done was join this awesome broadcasting/journalism class that I am actually currently writing an article for!

The team that I am currently in is Team Inertia! They are the most funniest and most random bunch I have ever met! This class in general is so much fun, and has actually taught me a lot of things like: getting more involved in school, connecting with on-school-campus life, learning how to become more social, how to quickly adapt, and more importantly: time management! I know many won’t believe this (like my broadcast teacher and my team captain), but since it is a zero period I have taught myself how to do my homework right when I come home (even though I don’t do a majority of it because I tend to forget), run my errands afterwards, and manage to sleep early and get my required hours of sleep! Not only have I applied myself to a zero period, I am also in a sport! So me coming home late and having to wake up early has definitely taught me how to organize my schedule.

Track and Field: I joined my sophomore year as well, but this season was very interesting…

First of all, I started late! I started about a month or soafter signups! Second, I did not do any physical activity before I joined- so that was really hard on me; all that junk food I ate in the winter really slowed me down. But I did not let that stop me; I kept thriving and pushing myself, and I actually shed off my winter coat, HA! And we also had a new coach this year, who was very rude and mean; so that really taught me how to be patient; really patient.

Lastly, the most important and most valuable thing that has happened to me in my junior year (which is actually not school related), is that I got baptized!

Of course many, many amazing blessing have came after this day- November 16, 2015- and honestly, the best thing that has happened after this day was that I was able to connect with two amazing girls who are also Christian; Breanna and Jennifer- to which people now refer to us as The Trio!

These two girls have pushed me to succeed in high school, and in life, and also have taught me how to build my new relationship with God!

My junior 2015-2016 school year has taught me many lessons, strengthened me to come over obstacles, develop socially, and how to ride the biggest rollercoasters! Peace out junior year me, hello senior year me! I’m ready for you.

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