I’ve been on a long and hard search for a nice pair of shoes that are dope yet simple at the same time. I’m also always looking for some brands that are super underrated and not yet over played. With my undying obsession with New York and Korean street style bloggers, I found just the right shoes for me; Common Projects.

Like I always say- simplicity is key. With the minimalistic and effortless style of Common Projects you literally cannot go wrong. I’ve paired them with everything from a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to slacks and a knitted sweatshirt and taken them everywhere from an engagement party to a normal day at school. They can easily fit any style and there’s a huge variety of color to choose from; although I stuck with black (as per usual). My other options would have been beige, army green or brown. It just depends on your preference.

As much as I like to make sure my shoe game is on point, I keep an eye out for craftsmanship as well. Common Projects are made in Italy and made to last- just the way I like it (insert wink eye emoji here). They’re super comfortable and the leather is definitely durable so I don’t have to be too cautious of them.

Overall I would recommend a pair of common projects to any lover of minimalistic and timeless fashion and great quality. These definitely top the list as one of my favorite pairs of shoes and I plan on purchasing a few more pairs in the near future.
Link: http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/common_projects/original-achilles-leather-sneakers/377901?ppv=2

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