If you have never heard the name Justin Bieber you must be living under a rock! Justin Bieber is one of the biggest names in pop music. He is in Guinness Book of World Records for being the youngest male artist to debut at the top of the Billboard Top 100. He got his fame in 2010 after he released his first single that skyrocketed his career and helped him sell millions. He made record breaking music and because of his age and looks he produced millions of fans (Beliebers) that have stuck with him throughout all the years. These loyal fans bought Justin Bieber merchandise, albums, tickets for tours, etc. I am very guilty of buying all of those things as well and I’ve been a diehard fan since day one, so I’m going to give you the top fifteen Justin Bieber songs from 2010 to now.

  1. One Time – This was Justin’s  very first single that got him known and where it all started.
  2. Love Me – This was Justin’s 2nd song he released and this teen heart throb had girls wanting him and his long air.
  3. One Less Lonely Girl – Justin still performs this song at concerts and when he does, he brings a girl on stage and sings to her. They are called Justin’s one less lonely girl. (my life goal)
  4. Baby ft. Ludacris – This was Justin’s first song with a feature and it had 3.9 Million downloads in the US and it was a huge success but it also broke a record for the most dislikes on YouTube.
  5. Mistletoe – Justin’s first Christmas single that is still played every Christmas. This also debuted his new haircut in his music video.
  6. Boyfriend – This was one of Justin’s Biggest songs. the music video generated 8 Million views in 24 hours and this was also the transition song from him being a boy to becoming a young adult.
  7. As Long as You Love Me ft. Big Sean – Is Justin’s first Dubstep song and it also features Rap artist Big Sean. It was on the top charts for 29 weeks.
  8. Beauty and a Beat ft. Nicki Minaj – Another one ( DJ Khaled voice) this song is one of many record breaking songs Justin has released. It features huge rapper Nicki Minaj, the song is featured on the popular Just Dance 4. The music video generated 10.6 million views in 24 hours. It was written, directed, and shot by Justin himself.
  9. All that Matters – Words can’t even describe how the beliebers were feeling when this song came out. THIS was the song that showed how grown up he was. It had a huge sex appeal, this video made the girls go crazy. Soon after the release the song was #1 in 63+ countries.
  10. Confident ft. Chance The Rapper – This song also showed how grown he was and it was #1 on the top 100 charts for 4 weeks.
  11. Where Are U Now – This song is actually Skrillex & Diplo’s song, Justin is featured on it but he sings the whole song. This was another one of Justin’s electric/pop singles. within the release it was getting a million streams a week. Soon after it came out it put him on the Top 10 of the music charts.
  12. What Do You Mean – There was a time period Justin took a break and stopped making music, this song is his comeback song. It’s also one of the debut singles for his latest album “Purpose.” This song broke records for the fastest single to reach #1 in 5 minutes! The song was also #1 in 90 countries.
  13. Sorry – After the release of this song Justin of course was #1 on the charts. he upstaged Adele with her single “Hello” and broke all time official chart record. The song generated 104,000 in sales the first week.
  14. Love Yourself – With the Release of sorry still at the top Justin Bieber dethrones himself. sorry moved to #2 on the charts and love yourself leaped to #1. This song is currently spending its 7th week at being #1.
  15. Purpose Album – With the Release of Purpose Justin breaks yet ANOTHER record! Justin takes the title from Drake and The Beatles for Hot 100 Record with 17 songs on chart. This album also was released the same day as one direction’s new album but Justin beat out one direction at #1.

The success of Justin Bieber cannot be forgotten; he has so many record breaking hits and his songs are ones you can’t help but dance to and sing along to whether you like the song or not. Justin Bieber has a lot of people who hate him, but his latest album Purpose has attracted a lot more fans. From 2010 until now, he has made millions and he will continue to as long as he keeps making record breaking hits.

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