The Loves of My Life

Reading the title you might think I’m talking about a boy I really like or something like that but NO you’re wrong. Having a living being happy to see  you all the time and show you love consistantly  is possibly the best feeling in the world. The two living beings I am talking about are my dogs Chanel & Kobe.


Chanel is a Female Yorkie who is happy to see anyone who walks through the door. we don’t consider her a dog, we take her everywhere as if she was a person. she is the sweetest dog I have ever met we paid a pricy amount for her (about $3,000) but she was all worth it.

Kobe is a Pomchi which is a Pomeranian mixed with Chihuahua. Kobe isn’t as clam and tame as Chanel but he is older than her. Chanel is 2 1/2 but kobe is 7 or 8. He barks at other people he doesn’t know but he is more than excited to see the people he knows and loves.

My dogs love to play, go to the dog park and socialize with other dogs. I can’t explain the love I have for my animals not only do I have 2 dogs but I also have 2 guinea pigs. my guinea pigs love me equally to my dogs but my dogs are always making me happy when I come home and see them. They get excited , run all over the place and when I sit down to say hi to them they devour me with kisses.


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