The Best Four Years of Your Life

To my Fellow Pioneers,


I know many of you just want to take your diploma today and leave- never looking back. The constant phrase our class lives by, is “I just want to graduate.” I just want my high school career to end so I can face the challenges of adulthood- the real world. Many of us have been reciting this since we were freshman, and went through high school with this notion in our head of trying to reach the finish line.


When you get into high school, they always tell you about the overbearing classwork, difficulties in time management, and the intolerable personalities, yet they always neglect to mention the lifelong relationships you inevitably make and the immense feeling of satisfaction when you finally reach the finish line, but the thing they always fail to tell you that it will be worth it; and it was.


How do we measure the time we’ve spent in high school? In the beginning, we measured it in class periods, counting down the day to eventual freedom. Now, we no longer measure high school in quarters or semesters, but in memories. We are surrounded by measurements of time, but after a while, you realize that the significance lies in how you use the allotted time you’re given; not how fast you get through them.


Pioneers, we only arrived here four short years ago, and now it’s already time to leave. How did it all go so fast? It seems like only yesterday that we were little freshmen trying to figure out where our next class was and looking generally clueless to all the upperclassmen. Now we are the upperclassmen, the seniors who stand here ready to graduate and move forward in the world. Yet at this seminal moment, we can’t help looking back. My fellow classmates,  take a step back a few years into the past. Remember the first time you stood in front of Western High School. First time you starting bleeding royal blue. First time you became a pioneer. Do you remember your first step? The first step that marked the next 4 years into your high school career. The first step into your new adventure, many memories, friendships, all filled with long nights and short moments, filled with a wide range of emotions that high school brings. As our class motto stands, “Every adventure requires a first step.”….Class of 2016, the time is yours.


We began high school as children, but we’re leaving here as adults.Thank you to all our diverse teachers, administration, and counselors for listening and trying to keep us on the right track for graduation,  our coaches and advisors for making school about more than just classwork, our custodial staff and lunchroom attendants for keeping our school safe and clean, but most of all our parents supporting us in more ways than we can possibly count. With all of them pushing us, we’ve completed an education that will serve as the platform we use to launch ourselves into our future. Many of us will be taking our next first step into college, others will go straight into the workforce, and some will fight for our country- but each of us will travel our own path and I am proud to stand in front of the future leaders of the world.


Wherever we go and whatever we do, we are all going to different paths…but inside we are all share the same pride in being pioneers -we are infinitely bounded to the memories, the tragedies, the histories that are embedded in the walls of our high school. We proved in a mere four years that we are more than what we were made to be.

The future is truly in our hands, so let’s make the most of it Pios!

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