Rewind: My First Youtube Video

Seven years ago, I had the power. The power to record a video through a small, little laptop camera. It was just an ordinary Summer day and as a bored child, I had decided to record a short film. It was a video of me singing along to M.I.A’s Paper Planes.

The song itself was rather explicit and as a pure, innocent child, little did I know the meaning of the lyrics. But I definitely did enjoy myself. To the point where I just kept making and recording more videos with my little brother and sister. Though the videos are extremely embarrassing, I choose to keep them up online because these videos are such a good source for memories.

Not everyone has something to look back at and laugh at their past. It makes me nostalgic, to see how much I’ve grown as person. I believe that everyone should take advantage of the technology that we have today… Cameras are literally on cell phones, which we carry every single day. Capture the moments. Give yourself something to look back to in the future. It doesn’t hurt to take a picture or little video, nor does it take up  lot of time.

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