Top 10 Survival Tips for High School

1) Find a tight squad

Basically, find your clique. Find a group of people who share your likes and preferences, who likes you for you (as corny as it sounds). It’s amazing and so fun to have a really close group of friends at school that you feel comfortable with. Having a squad also makes waking up at 6 am and sitting through six classes just a tad bit more bearable. What more can I say?

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2) Don’t procrastinate

This is going to be a hard habit to break. Even as a senior, I struggle with procrastinating– I am just too lazy sometimes. However, because I procrastinate, I don’t get the grades I want because my little efforts show through my work. Therefore, don’t procrastinate! Just finish your work before you hang out with friends. Plus, you won’t have to worry about last minute work because you’ll already be done!

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3) Get your license before graduation

Trust me, you will want to start early on your drivers education and permit. You’ll have your own freedom, you won’t have to rely on others for rides, and you can possibly stop by 7 Leaves Cafe (A coffee and tea shop in Cypress, click here if you want to know more) after school, etc. It’s just way more convenient with a driver’s license. Plus– you’ll be the cool kid in the parking lot with your own car.

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4) Use your planner

A really great way to have a successful high school experience is to stay organize and stay on top of all your responsibilities. Use your planner to its fullest– write down your homework, jot down memos, reminders, small notes, etc. Don’t be the next kid to forget their homework just because they simply didn’t write it down in their planner. Being organized overall is extremely important and it helps to develop organizations skills for the future.

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5) Get a part-time job

Having a job is one the best ways to enhance your high school experience. You can add it your resume, you’ll have some extra money that you can finally call yours, and it’ll definitely make you more responsible and well-rounded. Job hunting isn’t easy, but once you find a part-time job that works well in your school schedule, take it! However, school should be your first and foremost priority. Having a job during high school is beneficial, but if you just can’t get one or don’t have the time, that’s fine too.

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6) Turn everything on time

You don’t want any fees or a charge slip for not turning in a book on time! It’s a waste of your time and your teachers time. This always goes for homework and assignments– always turn them in on time! Try to complete all your work so that you can get full credit!

7) Dress up!

I know school starts way too early, so how has the time, effort, and luxury to get ready for school? But once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to get dressed up! You’ll stand out more and will feel good about yourself, especially with everyone complimenting you! Find your style and what you like to wear!

8) Talk to your peers/teachers for help

If you ever need help, don’t be shy or afraid to ask someone for help. It doesn’t mean that you’re less of a person or not smart, it means that you’re going out of your way to understand something. Ask ask ask, it never hurts to receive help.

9) Participate in school assemblies

Get some school spirit by joining school assemblies– whether it’s during the games or International Week. It’s a fun experience and one that you won’t forget. Make some memories by having fun with your school and engaging in school events!

10) Go to school

Now, I know this may seem like a no-brainer– but seriously, don’t ditch! Try to come to school everyday so you are prepared and aren’t missing any assignments. You won’t have to worry about getting caught up because you are here every single day and has learned everything.

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