Having a Successful High School Experience

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High school: the last four years of adolescence; this is the place where you start the transition from being a child to being a young adult and start taking responsibility. Responsibility is a major party of growing up. When it comes to high school it should be the four years that you want to remember! Follow the rules and you’re guaranteed to have a great high school experience.

1. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! — Speaking from experience, procrastination makes everything worse; it stresses you out. Finish things early so when you see your classmates struggling and stressing, you don’t have to worry about it.

2. Join a club — High schools have so many different clubs you can join and be a part of. If you join clubs you can get volunteer opportunities (which look great on resumes and college apps) and even make new friends.

3. Join a sport — Joining a sport is one of the best things you can do with your time while in school. You’re not just joining a sport, but you’re joining a family. You make life long friends, have fun being with everyone, and keep yourself in shape.

4. Be friendly — Try being outgoing, make as many friends as you can throughout high school. Honestly, by senior year, you lose a lot of friends but make a lot more new ones.

5. Go to school dances — Maybe dancing might not be your thing but going with your friends is always a great time. You don’t always need to have a date to go to a dance.

6. Always check your grades — Checking your grades constantly is very important; it’s always important to make sure you’re on track for graduation.

7. Get involved — You should get involved, join school activities, and go to school events. Don’t leave high school and miss out on the cool activities your school offers.

8. Turn in work — Turning in your homework on time is a big part of checking your assignments as well, some teachers won’t let you turn in late work, so its better to have good time management.

9. Snacks — First thing about snacks, do not let people know you have snacks!  Especially gum. If people know you have gum at school you’ll leave with an empty pack.

10. Have fun — Make memories in high school, good or bad, find new friends, do what you like.

High school is a place you are going to learn various life lessons, there is going to be good times, and hard times. Enjoy it because before you know it, it’s your senior year and once you graduate you’ll miss it. Take every opportunity you can get and don’t forget to have fun.

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