Getting Involved Through Service!

Through many community events, I came up with the idea of bringing a service club to Western High School that will be open to everyone. Many of the service clubs we have on campus would require a fee or would be secluded to only certain people. Through the club in my mind, everyone participating- not matter ethnicity or background- and that really inspired me to pursue this activity. My inspiration came from knowing that other people receive the same warm feeling I get when volunteering-the warm feeling of knowing you made a difference.

My very close friend shared the same feeling with me so when he told me about bringing a service club like this to our school- I was all for it. After many sleepless nights and many meetings with principal and possible supervisors, the club Do Your Part, was established. Establishing this club on campus was important in the growth of diversity participating in community service; it would make a difference, and I was correct. The hardest part about building a club from scratch is not only establishing it but bringing in members as well. I will admit, the first year was very difficult, but my goal at that moment was to bring in members to get the club going. With the help of my best friend we got at least 30 members; and that for us was an accomplishment. Although, as the year continued we lost a couple members here and there, therefore, by the end of the year we had only 18 members left. It was difficult to keep members, but, ending the year with only 18 left did not make my best friend and I quit; instead, it helped motivate us to continue our passion.

When next year rolled around, after all the advertisements and candy, we managed to get around 80 people show up to our first meeting. I accomplished my first mini goal in bringing in members, but wanted to complete my overall goal in giving the members the same warm feeling. Our very first event was called Light the Night at Angel’s Stadium; it was a walk to cure cancer. We had around 40 of our members sign up for the event that benefited those who suffered with cancer. With each step we took, we were helping someone find a cure to cancer, and that to all of us was a huge accomplishment. Looking out in the crowd to see all the volunteers hard at work and smiling, I knew they had the same warm feeling. From that moment I knew that Do Your Part had to continue in the future, even when leaving high school. After Do Your Part’s second year, we managed to have around 33 service events; which means 33 times volunteers had the same warm feeling, which is more than what I can ever ask for. This oppurtunity to get involved and start my own club in high school has definitaly made my high school experience better.

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