Last Minute? -No Problem!

When the holiday’s come around or that special someone birthday, I know how caught up people can become with work or school. Therefore, when the day actually comes, many are frantically running to the stores and picking out any gift card to give as a gift; but, you and I both know that there is no real feeling or thought put into that gift. The immense feel of guilt that hits you when you give the gift almost makes you want to through up-and you can’t help but think to yourself “Wow, I wish I found this blog earlier!”

Well it’s a good thing you are here!

Today I will be sharing how to make this fast, simple, but cute gift idea- a candy bouquet!

The supplies you will need are:
  • 10-15 bite size CANDIES!
  • 10-15 skewers
  • 1 roll tape
  • 1 vase
  • 1 florist Styrofoam block
  • 2 sheets decorative tissue paper or foil
How to Assemble:
  1. Gather candy, skewers, vase, Styrofoam block, tape and decorative foil.candy bouquet 1
  2. Tape skewers to the back of candy. Add Styrofoam block and decorative foil to vase.

candy bouquet 2

3. Push skewers into foam block. Enjoy!

candy bouquet 3


This last minute gift will put a smile on anyones face…watch. Not only does it only cost $5 to assemble, it looks like you put a lot of time and effort into this last minute gift.

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