Today’s kids will never know the struggles we had to deal with in the 90’s. with all of the advanced technology that there is now kids can do everything. They have iPads, tablets, cell phones, advanced technology in classrooms, everything is basically portable now. So much has changed throughout the years but there’s no deny that the 90’s were some of the best years before advanced technology and there are many struggles that we had compared to how easy things are now.

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Today’s kids will never know the struggle of having to rewind a VHS tape after you have already watched it. Now DVDs will automatically restart when you put it in the TV. We had prehistoric boxes as TVs and they have smart TVs and flat screen.

npc-330_black IMG_0704Today’s kids will never know the struggle of having to take a portable CD player with you if you wanted to listen to music on the go and having to skip numbers to find the song you wanted. Now kids have iPhones and iPods and tablets that allow them to play music out loud and anywhere. They can even plug them into the car.

gfgToday’s kids will never know the struggle of learning how to skate with 123 skates, you would put them on over your shoes to teach you how to ride roller skates. Now I don’t even think kids ride roller skates anymore. roller skates have been replaced with hover boards, kids won’t know how to ride skates but they sure can teach you how to ride a hover board.

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Today’s kids will never know  the struggle of having to come into class to watch movies on this TV. we were happy because this meant we were gonna watch a movie but now, kids have the projector screen and even loud surround sound like speakers in the class room for a better sound and better screening.

Todays kids will never know the feels and struggles of not having the technology they have now. But before the high-tech gadgets life was simpler and kids went out more to play instead of sitting home on their iPads and smart phones.

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