When given an opportunity to travel, most people choose destinations such as London or Paris or Rome. However, they turn over certain countries that are not as hyped as those cities but are still nonetheless equally breathtaking.

This spring break, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Stolkholm, Sweden. When I told my friends they expressed their confused reaction by asking, “Sweden? Why?” Why not.

I did not know what to expect from the country. Except the weather. Everyday was around 29 degrees Fahrenheit, which was extremely hard to adapt to for a Californian girl. With 3 thick layers of sweaters and coats, my arms clenched stuck by my side, and a heavy Nikon camera dangling around my neck, I led my family in the longest eleven minute walk toward the underground metro station through the crisp, frozen wind. After receiving our metro card and figuring out which line to take, we headed to the steepest and fastest escalators I have ever seen. The escalators led to a cave with skillfully painted, rough walls. The Swedish have a profound respect for the arts and implemented it into a scene that nearly every citizen sees everyday.

My favorite memory of the city has to be the Royal Apartments. Each room was lit up by the most complex and intricate chandeliers that my eyes had ever been exposed to. The preservation of the gold within each detailed border of the ceiling is truly remarkable. The fact that people actually lived in these rooms before I stepped in it is an overwhelming realization. Artwork that substantiates real beauty and talent is plastered on the walls where people used to sleep and eat. Each room had its own theme, its own purpose, and its own significance that held IMG_4807up the integrity of the apartments.

I could not believe that most people did not know about this place. It was absolutely stunning. Just because certain destinations are not commonly selected does not mean you should not take a chance. It may just end up being your best trip yet.

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