Hey ladies ! if you love wearing your hair in buns and wanna try something new, my DIY space bun tutorial is for you ✨ whether you have short or long hair this festival hairstyle is easy and cute. all you will need is  4 elastics, bobby pins, and a brush.

1.Part your hair all the way down the middle.


2.Tie up one side so it is out of the way. then gather the other side of top of your head and tie it in a hair tie. as soon as you do that tie up the other side ( try your best to make it look even.)


3.Now that your hair is in pigtails, tease each pig tail so that your buns will be puffy and have volume.


4.This might be the tricky part, but now you start to twist your hair around the pigtail. after you have a round bun add another elastic to secure it. shape it to the way you like and you can do this using bobby pins.


5.Once you do that side and its the way you like just finish up and do the same on the other side.


6.After you finish and your buns are to your liking you could also pull out your baby hairs to give it a more messy look. for an even messier look pull on the roots of the buns so your pigtails don’t look tight.


And there you have it ! your majestic space buns ✨

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