Let Rewind Week begin! If you were born in the late ’90s, your favorite TV channel was most likely Cartoon Network. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and flashback to the most popular cartoons of our time.


The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (2003-2007)

The Grim AThe-grim-adventures-of-billy-and-mandy-44745dventures of Billy and Mandy was an American TV show that followed two children: Billy, a slow yet happy boy, and Mandy, a cynical friend. When the two win a limbo game to save Billy’s hamster, they receive the Grim Reaper as their best friend to serve on their many adventures. Personally, I loved this show as a kid and still love to re-watch episodes now at my age because of how different it was in regards to plot. Each episode was original and unique in its own way and I appreciate the creators thought and effort into the show.


The Powerpuff Girls (1998-2005)

Powerpuff_girls_charactersThis show is honestly my favorite. The storyline follows three girls with superpowers, Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup, and their father, Professor Utonium in the fictional city of Townsville, U.S.A. The Powerpuff girls are always called up by the city’s mayor to help defend the civilians from local criminals. This show was important me because not only was it entertaining to watch but they show also taught me many lessons on female strength and equality. They were three role models and gave rise to femininity in a positive and kick-butt manner.

Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999-2002)

coWho could forget this petrified pooch? If you don’t remember, Courage the Cowardly Dog is a horror comedy television series that follows an elderly couple and their dog who live in the middle of nowhere. The trio are frequently sucked into bizarre scenarios that involve paranormal and supernatural elements. I loved this show as a kid because it really sparked my inner Edgar Allan Poe. The sense of terror always had a habit of making me laugh in the end.

There were a lot of shows that made my childhood very great but these three topped them all. I still up to this day like to watch these shows with my little sister because of the nostalgic feeling they gave me.


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