Alright first to start off the sandwich is not gonna look the same as it appears in the picture, but it will taste very delicious.

  1. Well, first, you want to get two slices of bread.
  2. Make sure you use mayo, if you don’t like mayo, you can substitute it with mustard. This way your bread isn’t so dry.
  3. Now you’re gonna want to get your ham, turkey, or whatever meat you prefer in your sandwich.
  4. Now go get your cheese. There’s different types of cheeses. For myself, I prefer to use shredded cheese, but you can use American cheese, Swiss cheese, or Queso Fresco. It all depends on what cheese you prefer.
  5. It’s time to make it healthy: go get your lettuce, cut it up and put it in your sandwich.
  6. Also, get your tomato.
  7. To finish it off, get your mustard. If you used it as your mayo, that is perfectly fine.

Well there’s your sandwich, ENJOY.

P.S. You can also add chips of your liking.


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