Ready, set, go! When it comes to my personal competitive nature, the last thing anyone wants to do is lose. Even though I myself don’t play any real sports competitively, I do play video games professionally and I’ve had my shares of ups and downs so I know a thing or two. With anything that is competitive whether it be sports, video games, chess or whatever else you guys may be doing, there are things that we can all do that require zero talent. Now I say zero talent not because that is all you are capable of, but rather because the things I am about to list should be expected out of everyone within a team or within that sport and not just the star player that we all know and love. These things include; being on time, work ethic, effort, body language, energy, passion, being prepared and doing extra. Now, let’s break these things down so I can explain what each one means and why each one is just as important as the other.

  • Being on Time

Being on time not only shows that you care about what you are doing, but that you are also taking others into consideration by not wasting their time.A businessman checking the time on his wrist watch


  • Work Ethic

Having the proper work ethic is the only way that you don’t become complacent. Being complacent is the last thing you want to do when trying to achieve something special because that is when you stop pushing yourself to get better.

  • Body Language

If your situation is like mine where you aren’t physically competing, don’t think that body language also doesn’t apply to you. Body language reveals the unspoken and can affect not only your morale but everyone else around you too. Having a positive morale and mindset is one of the most important things that you should always have going into a competition.Body Language

  • Energy

Great energy can take you and your teammates, if applicable, a long way. When things aren’t going your way and you are maintaining your energy, the momentum that rides with the opposing team won’t flow so heavily. It acts as a blockade against their momentum and if you’ve ever played anything competitively, you’d know that momentum is vital to a team’s success.

  • Passion

Passion. This one should be self-explanatory but for the purpose of this blog I’ll go ahead and break it down anyway. There is nothing that can top passion when it comes to anything. Whether it be something competitive, a hobby or occupation, I guarantee that the one who is most passionate about whatever it may be, is doing or will be doing the best.

  • Being Prepared

This one is also another self-explanatory feature, but just like anything in life, you should always be prepared. Whether this be knowing the game plan or literally having everything that you’re supposed to, make sure you do it. Being unprepared means you aren’t focused and shows that you don’t really care.

Prepared Concept

  • Doing Extra

First one in, last one out. This doesn’t mean that you should always be putting in overtime day by day, but it does mean that every now and then, you should go above and beyond. Figure out what is the issue and try to learn from that, figure out why what you’re doing isn’t working and try to work your way around that, etc.First in Last Out

These are all of the things that don’t require any talent and should be expected from an individual expecting to succeed in any competitive scene. Talent is a nice gift, but without any of these things, your talent will not reach its full potential. Now on the other hand, if you combine the two I can pretty much guarantee success. Well that’s it for me Pios! If you have any comments, thoughts, questions or concerns, tag us on your favorite social media outlet, @ThePioPress. If you’d like to contact or reach me personally, you can follow me on twitter, @Denial_Xplosive. Thank you for reading this and have a great day you beautiful human being you!

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