Alright, let me give you a little bit of history. Azir is basically this god-emperor that got locked up for who knows how long and come along this girl wandering around and her name was Sivir. Sivir over here got stabbed and ditched into some ancient tomb thing and guess who drifts in and saves the day. The Tokyo Drift King, the Shurima Shuffle, Pigeon Lord, the one and only: Azir, Emperor of the Sands.

As an Azir main, I’m about to teach you how to play Hatoful Boyfriend and do the Shurima Shuffle. Here’s the skill order:


And here’s what you build:

Sorc ShoesNashorsRylai's Crystal ScepterDeathcapVoid StaffZhonyas

Obviously, don’t build the same exact stuff every game because every game is different and sometimes you’ll need Zhonya’s Hourglass early because you’re laning against someone like Zed or Talon. Sometimes you want Abyssal Scepter against Ahri or Leblanc. I’m not going to go too in depth with his item build because it’s pretty standard except for the Nashor’s Tooth. Tl;dr Nashor’s Tooth is good on Azir because Azir wants attack speed, AP, and cool down reduction. The item gives all of the above with a bonus onsite passive to make last hitting easier.

Skills in depth(ish):


Passive: Shurima’s Legacy

This used to have a lot more in the beginning because it used to convert your cooldown reduction into bonus attack speed but now all you get now is to become Bob the Builder. You build a temporary tower over a broken tower site. It’s pretty situational since there isn’t a lot of time you get to use this skill effectively because towers are squishier than the ADC now. Fight near broken tower sites and plop this down to have a sixth member fighting in a team fight, the damage stacks up and persists after you die.


Q: Conquering Sands

The bread and butter skill. This skill moves all currently active soldiers to the location you tell them to and does damage and slows all enemies hit by this spell. It sounds really simple but messing this skill up means you’re probably going to feed as Azir and get reported after the game. There’s a lot of tricks you can do with this skill but the downside, it can be really clunky to use.


W: Arise!

Ah yes, the skill that the game forces you to put a point in first. Without this skill, two of your other skills  can’t be used. This spell has pretty short range so be a bit careful putting down a soldier because any assassin can jump on you and delete you from the map. The soldier’s attacks are all aoe so spell vamp is reduced to 33% of the damage dealt and Rylai’s has a smaller slowing effect. Also good to mention, soldier auto attacks proc spell effects not onhit. Blade of the Ruined King and Nosher’s Tooth won’t apply the onhit effect on the soldiers auto attacks but Rylai’s and Luden’s Echo will proc on soldier auto attacks.


E: Shifting Sands

DRIFT KING BOIS. But no seriously, this is your drifting move. You dash to a soldier but if you hit an enemy champion, you do a bit of damage to them and get a shield BUT you stop dashing. It’s really awkward when you’re about to Shurima Shuffle behind the enemy team but their tank body blocks you and you just lay down and die. Use this skill when fighting melee assassins because the extra damage and shield could save your life.


R: Emperor’s Divide

You summon a wall of soldiers that knock back all enemy units and prevents any dashes trying to pass the wall. This skill is easily one of the best ultimates in the game. The cost efficiency on it is absurd and the amount of pressure it causes is HUGE. It can be used to initiate a fight, it can be used to peel, but even better, it’s the most vital portion of the Shurima Shuffle. It will knock the entire enemy team into yours while creating distance for you to attack with your soldiers. There used to be a really funny glitch with this ability when used on Rengar in a bush. Due to Reneger’s passive (jumps on an enemy unit if in a bush), if you make him stuck in between a wall and a bush, Rengar would continually damage himself because Rengar can’t toggle his jump off so you just see a giant cat being ping ponged over and over again. On One for All, it’s even funnier because if you get them stuck between 2 Azir walls, they’re ping ponged to the moon.



Playing Azir is hard but he’s pretty simple to understand. During the early laning phase you’re pretty weak so focus on getting as much gold as possible to become the mid-late game god you are. Poke the other laner with your soldiers without missing much cs. Be aware of your opponent’s spell ranges because you would want to poke an assassin like Talon at range but the moment you’re close enough to him, he’s going to jump on you and either kill you or force summoner spells out of you.

During team fights, Azir is played more like an ADC instead of a mage. All of your damage is going to come from your soldiers so positioning them is absolute key. Put your soldiers in places where they can auto attack as much as possible but at the same time, you have to watch your own character because you don’t want to be moving forward accidentally because you’re watching your soldier’s positioning and not your own positioning. For initiating team fights yourself, I present the Shurima Shuffle:Ghetto Shuffle(excuse my microsoft paint skills)

How to Shuffle:

  1. Have soldiers out already
  2. Dash to a soldier that’s close to the person you want to knockback
  3. While mid dash you can still use your Q to dash even further and make sharp turns. A lot of people mess up this step and ruin a lot of stuff. The reason why you’re supposed to dash first is because if you dash, you’re effectively increasing the range of your Q and E. If you Q first, it only modifies the range of your E by about 100 units.
  4. Press R immediately arriving behind the enemy. Be careful when using your ultimate because it’s short range and sometimes you’ll lightly tap them on the back and they won’t be knock backed. I’ve made this mistake many times before and costed entire fights because of it.
  5. (Optional) Use your Zhonya’s as a means of waiting for your cool downs to come back up. When you pull off the shuffle the only spell you’ll have available to you is your W, which is short range.. and if you do that.. you’ll probably die because you’re next to their longer range ADC. Sometimes it’ll work out for you because the enemy team will realize you’re squishy high damage butt is right next to them and will use all of their CC and damaging abilities as an attempt to kill you, but because of your Zhonya’s, it’ll make you invulnerable and you won’t take any damage.

For further guidance, I’d recommend practicing in a normal match or a custom match and to watch either Fenix or Easyhoon play Azir. Fenix is the NA Azir king and Easyhoon is the KR Azir King. Watch how they position themselves and ask why they do the things they do.

As a short summary for the people that skipped to the bottom: watch your positioning, watch your soldier’s positioning, master the Shurima Shuffle, take notes on how the pros play Azir, and of course be hella flashy.

Available skins as of April 25, 2016:

Classic Azir

Golden Classic Azir (Classic Azir)Galactic Azir

Space Jesus Azir (Galactic Azir)Gravelord Azir

Edgy Road Kill Azir (Gravelord Azir)


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