It is the time that I think a lot of juniors are going to be excited about!! TIME TO MAKE A SENIOR CROWN!!! Here are the steps to DIY your very own senior crown, whether you want it to represent yourself, your school, or to match with your squad, after seeing this post it’ll be a piece of cake!

First step is figuring out how your school distributes your crown. Mine just has a day dedicated to handing crowns out to seniors. They must show their school ideas as proof and usually seniors get the crown for free. Try to see if your school can get crowns from Burger King  or like what my school did which was collect them from Medieval Times, a senior activity. Once you have your crown, you have achieved the first step.

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Second step is to plan and budget on how to decorate your crown. Look on the internet and social media using hashtags like #seniorcrown or #seniorcrown2016 (whichever year you prefer). There are some really cool and creative inspirations out there. I went on the DIY heaven, Pinterest. Again, using the same hashtags. Start visualizing what you really like or find pleasing things to look at like bows, flowers, or glitter. I incorporated all three elements like freaking Avatar the Airbender.

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Once you figured out what you want, head down to your closest craft store. It is up to you if you want to spend a lot on your crown or save money by going on the internet and buy things online. The necessities must be hot glue or any really strong glue. Elmer glue works really well on feathers or to place glitter on. For larger items like flowers, hot glue it. Adding letters is also a nice touch to either spell out SENIOR or to say your year or your name. Adding pictures of your friends and yourself is the best kind of originality because they won’t have the same face as you.

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JUST HAVE FUN!! Do you boo.

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