These four years will fly by…

The first time we heard this as freshmen, we may have thought to ourselves: these are going to be the longest years of our life. Well, they may have felt that way because we were counting periods each day, not looking at the big picture. But in less than a month, the big picture will be clear as we’re minutes away from turning our tassel and receiving our diploma.

When I’m sitting amongst the crowd I know exactly what I’ll see: a crowd which embodies the very definition of diversity. Different skin colors, different languages, different cultures, but we are all Pioneers. Pioneers with different stories, pioneers with different ideas, pioneers with different passions and that is one of the many things that we as the next generation can offer.

So many people have supported us these past four years of our lives and have impacted our lives in one way or another. Whether i’s something as simple as influencing our outfit choices or something as big as giving us the confidence we need to believe that we can do anything we set our minds to. They have helped mold us into the person we are today.

On May 26th, take a moment to find your biggest supporters in the crowd and thank them for refusing to let us give up and understanding what we are going through. Also make sure to thank those who tried to discourage us because in effort to prove them wrong, we were motivated to do better. We may no realize it now, but everyone needs both the negative and the positive in their lives to shine the rightest because as a result we can develop traits such as   strength, motivation, humility, and so on that we can apply to our everyday connections.

Every single person that you are sitting next to has a unique story and although we may not know everything about everyone, the one thing we can be certain of is that in the past four years, we have all experienced different levels of growth. We have made mistakes and hopefully have learned from those mistakes. Throughout these fur years we have all shared on common goal: to graduate. Now, we are minutes away from turning our tassel and the moment that happens, each one of us will have taken the first step that will one day lead to our future careers and lives. Realizing that e will each go our separate ways is a scary thought; especially when we realize that our parents will no longer be a phone call away, and the people we’ve seen everyday may no longer be in our lives. As scary as this may sound, don’t be afraid because this is the way life is. Now, it’s up to you to decide who you will be and what you will accomplish.

As babies, the moment we took our first step, we began this 18 year adventure. In a few minutes, as we walk up to receive our diploma, we will mark the end of this first adventure and the beginning of a new one. Although we may have an idea of what we want our future to be, w can never be fully certain. The question of what lies ahead remains unanswered but remember, every adventure requires a first step.

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