Starting a company can be very complicated and it can cost a lot but if you have the motivation and funding then you will be able to start your own company. Personally I would start an S Corp, by doing this shareholders and the corporation do not get taxed because the company is already started through IRS tax collections. To start a company, first of all you need a team and an idea to back you up and all you need is the funding. The shareholders of an LLC are taxed to everything they make, while on the other hand an S Corp is only taxed on their workers/shareholders budgets.

Let’s get to the fun part, starting a company isn’t all work since you have a team to back you up. With a small company like an S Corp, it will be much easier to get things running with people you know instead of just random people you hire. The product you can be selling can range from little toothpicks to high end computer parts. The current company that I am running is called LANFEST.TV and ultimately we have a team of 3 to get this company up and running, so you don’t need a lot of crazy manpower to get things started and selling, you just need the right people. Along with the company, you also get more contacts and such to sell your products to.

/Kevin Tran

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