Hey you! Your outfit is boring, but don’t worry I’m here to help.  Attending the school I do, everyday I see people with outfits that have so much potential but fail to meet it. Despite the consensus, it doesn’t take too much effort to look good; here’s an example.

This is Parker. Parker was just like any other water polo player lacking basic social skills and a girlfriend. Until he was fortunate enough to receive my assistance.

Now Parker has not one, but three and a half girlfriends, he became captain of the varsity water polo team and has a family to return home to… You’re welcome.

My next client’s name is Trini, she enjoys things like studying and bettering herself (ew), but that’s about to change with my help.

Trini has now dropped all of her AP classes, but at least she has friends! She went to her first party and no longer gets called weird names.

This goes to show how big of a change little things can make.

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