Sailor Moon was probably the OG of all anime for me. The show not only teach kids how to kick butt towards those who wronged them but also the values of friendship and how far leadership can take them. Now let’s start with the characters shall we?

The first is Sailor Mercury! She is the smartest and most logical in the group. Following the order of the planets, she is the first that gets noticed by Luna, the recruiter of the sailors. In a group like the Sailors, Mercury is needed to get them to focus on the task and of course their education.

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The second is Sailor Mars who was raised in a temple owned by her grandfather. She is a feisty, stubborn, and a hot head. Sailor Mars is very intimidating with her scary glance but once someone gets to know her, she is a very reliable friend. She is very loving towards those who she cares about. She loves to annoy Sailor Moon but she always has her back.

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The third sailor is Sailor Venus. She is a very lovable character that gets along with Sailor Moon because of their love of the arcade center and their hatred in studying. She has great morals and can be seen as a virtuous character.

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The fourth sailor is Sailor Jupiter. She is the strongest and the tallest of the group but falls in love very easily, which is apart of her charms. She is great at cooking and likes to help the girls out with their love lives even if they might not realize that they need her help.

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The fifth and last sailor is Sailor Moon. Sometimes she is the comic relief as the air head of the group. It takes a while for her bravery to come through with the help of her friends and together they always save the world.

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