My name is Valerie.  I am a junior in high school and I have seen many students speak to their teachers disrespectfully.

UnknownPeople need to understand that teachers take on such a great task:  being able to educate their students, care for them and on top of that, discipline them.  At times, I do understand that there are teachers struggling, but do unto others as one wishes they do unto them.  It’s the golden rule, people should have known this coming into high school.

I know that there are also teachers that just naturally have a bad attitude, but how many “respect your elders” lectures have been heard? Des one really need to go through another one? We need to contribute to them as well, because they do already sacrifice their time for us. What we can do, as students, is to simply be respectful. What goes around, comes around. If one wishes to be respected, you must respect those around him or her. Okay, yeah, I get that homework, essays, tests, and finals are very stressful, but it is for your education! All of these things that teachers hand down to you is for your benefit! It is to prepare you for the world out there and and its reality! In the “real world,” one actually has to do work to be successful, everything is not handed on a silver spoon. All of those tasks and assignments that one must do in order to maintain a high GPA shows the determination and integrity necessary for future success.

maxresdefaultThe reason why I think teachers become teachers is because while they were “growing to become an adult” they realized how important it is to educate others. Teachers are mentors, guiders, counselors, and even babysitters. That is why I truly believe teachers are not being paid enough, they deserve more. They did not spend six years in college and over $20,000 just to be stuck with obnoxious kids.

Respect your elders.

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