Phlat Ball

The Phlat Ball wasn’t the most popular toy but it sure was one of the most fun. I remember one Christmas I received one as a present and I thought it was pretty lame at first but then I started to screw around with my cousin and I quickly learned this little frisbee ball is tons of fun. I spent hours during winter break just screwing with it. The best part about this ball was that even if you threw it on the roof it would turn to a ball and roll off of it. My most fond memory I had with this ball is when I brought it to school with me and for that day I had the coolest toy and everyone wanted to play with it. It eventually got taken away because people started throwing the frisbee at each other and kids were complaining. These are just some of the many amazing memories the Phlat Ball has given me….man I really wanna buy one now.

phlat ball

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