REWIND | Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
Great GameGood GraphicsCheap
Requires Expensive PC
85%Frozen Throne Rating
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Frozen Throne brings a lot of memories back since it was probably one of the first games I’ve ever played in my life besides any Nintendo games. The Frozen Throne isa expansion pack of the original game Warcraft III, the frozen throne is basically an awesome DLC that comes with new Heroes and new maps to play on the DID support tournaments. So The Frozen Throne wasn’t just a basic DLC for skins, it gave you an upper hand in games. The game expansion pack only costs $9.99 and it added a lot more fun to the game, I say that the expansion pack was always worth it since it costs a lot less than most games.

A game where you only needed 1.3GB of space and a 400MHz processor but back then that was a gaming PC, it wasn’t just a normal computer.

Since the game was released the system requirements have changed to higher but now cheaper specs. These specs may still run new games like League of Legends maxed out at around 40FPS which is still good.

Playing The Frozen Throne as a kid brought a lot of skill sets to my life including computer engineer and eSports work. This game was one of the first real-time strategy games released, Blizzard has done a great job ever since.

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