Hannah Montana was the best.

My friends and I loved watching Hannah Montana. Now looking back, I begin to wonder why this show was so entertaining. It’s extremely unrealistic and can set bad examples and expectations for the intended audience (not entirely though).

image_1f119b50Unlike other shows, such as That’s So Raven, it doesn’t include realistic topics that can be applied to a teenager’s life. In reality, what fourteen to sixteen year old girl is going to be living a double life without being identified?

Friendship is clearly portrayed throughout the show but the message appears to be that no matter how bad you treat your friends, they will always be there. This is seen through the repetitive use of “Ya think?” by Miley herself. The sarcasm is constantly seen and can rub off on the audience. Now, I don’t think parents want their children to develop these attitude problems so it is definitely not the best choice in terms of Disney Channel shows.

Fast forwarding to the future, Miley Cyrus has become quite the topic in terms of crazy. I hope kids did not follow her examples because the world would be filled with girls thinking it’s okay to do drugs and be naked on a stage.

Even though this show would have been entertaining to me as an eight year old, it is surely not something I would waste my time watching today.




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