We all did some crazy things when we were little. Peed ourselves, have accidents, lied so we wouldn’t get in trouble about something we broke, told our parents to buy us the new cool toy, wear diapers, and yes, even crying for no reason. The habits that we used to have and the things we used to do, we won’t be able to do anymore because we’re too mature now. These are some examples to show you what being little use to be.

Talk to our imaginary friends– First of all if you never had an imaginary friend when you were little, well you sucked at being a kid and using your imagination. I used to have an imaginary unicorn named Pegases. It was pretty cool, but now, it just seems really weird. Kids make imaginary friends so that way they wouldn’t be alone orto have someone to talk to. NOW that we think about it, it just seems unusual.


Playing by ourselves– If you didn’t have any siblings or anyone to play with, the only thing we have was our toys. When we were little, it was easy for us to just grab toys and create either a story, or a scene. Actually, some kids enjoy not playing with anyone because they don’t like people taking the good toys away. We would make something that is not important to grown ups into something very great to us when we would play. NOW that we look at toys, we don’t even want to play because that would be weird. When our little siblings or other little kids want us to play with them, we can’t say no so we do, but now we get bored and tired easily.

Not wanting to take a shower – When your mom would call you to take a shower and you would hide from her because you didn’t want to take a shower. I honeslty feel like we didn’t want to shower becuase we didn’t feel the need to shower. Or maybe some of us liked being stinky when we were little. I mean, come on, we didn’t care what people thought about us. We were rebels. Also, we didn’t have unnecessary hair (armpit hair) and hygiene. However, we did sweat more and got dirtier quicker. So the fact that kids don’t want to shower seems pretty odd. Although, if you did shower on a daily base, good for you!

Crying because you don’t get math homework – When you would get a bunch of homework for school and your parents have to help you because honestly we didn’t pay attention in class because we were too busy thinking about recess. But sometimes they don’t know how to do it. Yes, math was a very hard subject to learn while growing up because there was always something new to learn. But…people still cry over math homework so I’ll set this aside.


Bring toys in the bath with us – Obviously we would take our rubber duckies and other toys to pass the time when we bathe. We would play with them but the water would get cold and then we would have to get out. Now we take romantic baths with bubbles, a book, romantic music, and wine (if you’re an adult). So the whole “bringing toys in” thing is just really weird, especially since it’s a waste of time now.

Sleep with the lights on – Yes, we would be scared of the dark and had night lights. We would think that monsters would craw under our bed or come out of our closet and eat us. If you were never scared of the dark you were a lucky child.

Eat ants – When you would go to the park and eat ants because you’re a hungry child, unless you were dared to do it. IF YOU ATE ANTS YOU WERE AN EVIL CHILD. Childeren eat all sorts of things such as sand, lipstick, and other things you shouldn’t put in your mouth.

Suck on the corner on our blankets – When we are little we seem to want so suck on our pillows, blankets and even our thumbs.

When we were little, the word “weird” and “odd” wasn’t in or vocabulary because that was who we were.

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