Back in the good old days of 2005, the age of Nintendo’s Gameboy Advance, Pokemon Emerald was released on North America’s shelves. Little me spent over 5,000 hours playing this single player game alone and present me would definitely play it for another 5,000. Having maxing out my save files 2 times excluding unobtainable Pokemon from events (I’m looking at you Mew), let’s go back in time and take a look at my personal favorite Pokemon game of all time.

The 8-Bit Graphics 


Dang, that nostalgic feeling just hit me simply by looking at the graphics the Gameboy Advance offered. Pokemon Emerald was one of the better looking GBA Pokemon games just by a small margin but even then looking at what Pokemon Emerald had in store was nice to look at.

The Battle Frontier


As a kid and even now, The Battle Frontier that replaced the Battle Tower from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire was one of the hardest parts of the game. Having a strong team filled with min-maxed Pokemon was essential to being able to beat the Battle Frontier. Even if you did have a strong team, you’d need perfect timing, endurance, coordination, and to a certain extent RNG to be able to get past some of the areas(I’m looking at you Battle Factory, giving me some of the worst Pokemon ever or good Pokemon with a really bad moveset).

That One Cutscene


Anyone that played Pokemon Emerald will know what I’m talking about. Having to awaken the Pokemon Emerald mascot and the ancient dragon Rayquaza to prevent the world from being destroyed by the other two major legendaries Groudon, the Continent Pokemon, and Kyogre, the Sea Basin Pokemon. Not only was the cutscene already amazing enough for a 2006 portable video game, this was one of the first Pokemon games to feature an actual cinematic.

All of the Different Events


I can catch EVEN MORE LEGENDARIES??? What do you mean I have to go to Toys R Us or Gamestop to be able to get them? Dang, that sucks for anyone that isn’t able to go, especially since all of the events are long gone and even through cheating, it’s hard to obtain these items as it can corrupt your game file. For the more fortunate people that could access these places, it was absolutely amazing because you now had access to a whole bunch of new legendaries.

All of these islands had a special feeling to them too. They were mysterious and dark. They gave off the bad feeling that you were about to get wrecked by the Pokemon hidden on these islands. Deoxys, Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, and the remaining roaming Pokemon (Latios or Latias) were now able to be caught.


Unlike Pokemon Emerald’s predesscors, Ruby and Sapphire, it completely removed the annoying factor of having to buy both games to be able to catch all of the max possible pokemon…kinda. With Emerald, you didn’t have to pick between Kyogre or Groudon because you were given the ability to catch both AT A HIGHER LEVEL. These massive Legendaries isn’t some kind of small feat but instead, if you did manage to keep these, you can count on breezing through the rest of your game with ease. Except for the Battle Frontier, no legendaries allowed in there so get back to training your other Pokemon.

THE [email protected][email protected]


All of the music in Pokemon Emerald were created by trumpets (or at least had trumpets) which did make it into a popular meme. Pokemon Emerald is the king of OST in the Pokemon games because it could either be mysterious as the Deoxys Battle Music, intense as Rayquaza’s battle song, exciting as the Battle! Elite Four OST, even joyful as that one really friendly song when an AI takes your hand and escorts you to places.

Single Player Replay Value

For some reason, Pokemon Emerald had the best replay value to it. I’m not sure why. I’ve put in over 5000 hours into this game (the longest I’ve played EVER) and not one time have I ever gotten sick of playing it. With the advancement of emulators, the game could even be modded to fulfill the empty spaces the game had, even revamping the entire game itself WOW.


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