Do you ever get tired of listening to your mother or wife/girlfriend tell you to stop playing video games? Never really had a real reason to sit on the couch all day and play video games? Well, today is your day because I am going to give you EIGHT great reasons to play video games!



  • Easy Escape from the Stress of Life

One of the REAL better reasons that you can say you play video games is that it is a stress reliever. Because, well… let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy going back to the fun times of their childhood. Not only is it a great stress reliever but it is also a great way to stay away from other types of stress relievers such as drugs and other bad choices. Even if you could only play a video games for an hour or two a day, at least you have that hour or two a day to yourself where you can enjoy living in your own world, in any game that you choose.

  • Gateway to a Connection with Other People

Video games, especially in this generation, is an easy and great gateway to having an instant connection with other people. Not everyone watches the same sports, let alone sports alone or listens to the same type of music, but I guarantee you that everyone’s played video games of all kinds. Whether you are young and naive or old and awkward, video games are something that you can talk about to someone whether you’ve known them for 10 years or 10 seconds, making it a great reason to play video games.

Reasons 5

  • Better Hand Eye Coordination & Reflexes

Better hand eye coordination and reflexes, and yes, this actually has been scientifically proven. The stereotype that playing video games will make you slow physically and mentally because you’ve become a couch potato is only partially right, but for the most part, wrong. Those who play video games have proven to have not only better hand eye coordination and reflexes but faster and more decisive decision-making. The next time someone in your class answers something really fast think to yourself, I wonder if he/she plays video games frequently.

  • Flip a Boring Situation Into a Fun-Filled Situation

This reason is more for portable gaming devices such as PSPs, 3Ds, 3Dis, etc rather than your typical Wii, Xbox and/or Playstation. Of course they can apply to those too but what I mean by flipping a boring situation into a fun-filled one are scenarios such as waiting at the doctors, dentist, the DMV, etc. These waiting times can take anywhere from 15 minutes – 2 hours. Why not pull out your portable gaming device and make the most out of nothing?

Reasons 4

  • Exercise Your Creativity

There are many games in the gaming spectrum where you can exercise your creativity. The most popular game off the top of my head that allows those of all ages to do just so, is Minecraft. The console and PC game where players have the option to freely create anything they want with the creativity mode or to try and survive in a real life situation where you have to build up from scratch. If these aren’t your type of games then you’re not out of luck, there are many games where each character and/or the story is unique depending on the user’s decision in-game. Not only can you demonstrate your capabilities, but you can also improve them through time.

  • Increased Attention to Detail

Those who play video games persistently have also been proven to have an increased attention to detail. This is one thing that typically passes over most people’s heads because it really isn’t something that you notice about yourself. But like the other claim that it improves reflexes, this has also been scientifically proven. This occurs through the consistent decision making that players have to go through when playing video games. They have to evaluate each scenario and make the decision of which decision is better than another. Through constant practice, these players tend to improve one of life’s greatest factors to success without realizing it.

  • It Can Encourage Exercise

Video games can encourage exercise through platforms such as the Wii. As we all know the Wii is more of a physical gaming platform that influences its players to be more involved in the game itself. It accomplishes this through their controller itself where you have to be point, bob and weave just to move things around in game. This is just one aspect that can encourage exercise. The other aspect revolves more around the younger generation and this happens because they are influenced by the games that they are playing to go out and copy the character that he/she is playing as. Obviously your 5 year old brother won’t be the next king dragon slayer but he will be influenced to try the things that his character is doing.

Reasons 3

  • It Brings People Together

Video games overall just bring a fun, good and happy vibe to everyone that has ever been associated with it. Whether you are playing casually or competitively, it something to just have in your back pocket when you are having a bad day or when you are in a boring situation or even if you have friends to make. The only real reasons to NOT play video games is either because you don’t like it, or you don’t think you have the self control to not be playing it for 12 hours a day. Video games can literally bring people together, as in you can incorporate people in your life into them. For example, your friends, family or other loved one can enjoy and evening together beating the campaign to your favorite games.

I hope you enjoyed the eight great reasons to play video games and I hope I somehow influenced you to play even more video games than you probably already do! The next time your mom, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend tells you to get off those damn video games, just throw a reason or two at them and it should scare them away. Anyways, that’s it for me, if you have any comments, thoughts or concerns tag us on your favorite social media outlet on @ThePioPress and if you wish to contact me personally reach out to me on twitter on @Denial_Xplosive. Press on Pios!

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