The very much anticipated and awaited 7th installment of one of the world most inspirational and influential series is finally here! and critics say.. its not as original as you thought, now lets talk about STAR WARS The Force Awakens. Take warning now, eager reader, there will be spoilers ahead. So being a Star-wars fan for most of my life I know it’s story like the back of my hand this being said I absolutely love the new movie: it has a wonderful cast a beautiful visual element, plenty of tributes to the original in both camera work and tropes, and one of the best directors for this genre, J.J. Abrams. The story follows 30 years after the fall of the galactic empire (episode 6) The new republic has been established, but peace is far from being achieved as this new organization The First Order has risen from the ashes of the fallen empire. Luke Skywalker has vanished, both general Leia Organa and The First Order are going to the ends of the galaxy to seek him out. This is a solid plot in my opinion and its a fitting continuation of the story. The movie introduces us to a whole new trio of heroes: the defected storm trooper Finn, the force sensitive scavanger Rey, and the ace resistance fighter pilot Poe. In the original films George Lucas had the peril established by having it open with the Empire seizing princess Leia Organa who is being rescued by rebel soldiers and a terrifying dark figure emerges in the face of the audience, Darth Vader. Abrams takes a similar angle the first thing we see is Poe securing a very vital piece to the resistance’s agenda, a piece of the map to Luke Skywalker.


But just as we thought he was safe a first order death squad lands on the scene and the new evil walks out and marches on the scene, Kylo Ren. He is probably just as ruthless if not more than Vader as he orders the complete extermination of the small village we see him land in, he captures Poe but doesn’t get the plans as Poe has stored them in a small unique BB-8 droid to later be found by our main protagonist Rey. Now if none of that sounds familiar then you haven’t seen “star wars: a new hope” and I heavily suggest you see the original trilogy because this is pretty much an updated version of princess leia sending the destress call via R2-d2. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing but i felt as though i was having a serious case of deja-vu I recalled scenes of a desert planet, an ominous bad guy, storm troopers invading , and an essential tool to the story being stored inside a droid to only be found by the Jedi to be. This is the main complaint by critics and many old school fans, I’d imagine if I waited 35 years to see movie id want to see something new too. And while the similarities are almost annoyingly prevalent throughout the film this had to be done because if you were in charge of directing one of the biggest franchises in history you’d want to try your best to not anger the die hard fans but still change it enough for a whole new generation of Star Wars fans, oh the trials and tribulations of being an amazing director, I sympathize with you Abrams. Now there are refreshing changes, the captured resistance pilot escapes with the help of a defected storm trooper who inevitably joins the resistance, and Rey completely refuses the force and wants nothing to do with it until she is captured by Kylo as to where Luke embraced it once obi wan did some talking and convincing (and showed him that cool lightsaber).


My main complaint is Kylo Ren and the actual finding of Luke Sky Walker. There’s been a large amount of Kylo bashing within the fan base saying that he resembles nothing of his parents Han solo or Leia Organa, that he is a child because he went into destructive tantrums of rage, and that his whole reasoning behind going dark side is very lackluster compared to Anikin’s. I would have to agree he’s not the sith that Vader was but he is a perfect visage of what someone trying to become Vader would be, in the film we see the final push for him to the dark side when he slays his father but I just don’t understand why he would worship Vader so much given who his parents are. You would have to imagine that being raised within the new republic you would have to assume that Anikin’s mistakes would have been talked of, how he never wanted to be the monster he became, this would have been taught especially if your uncle is the Jedi master running the academy . And while its clear that Luke had gone in search of  answers because of some terrible incident in the Jedi academy its not really clear why he would go into hiding and just abandon the republic nor does it make sense to leave a map behind if he didn’t want to be found, they say he went in search of the first Jedi temple for some reason. These are questions to probably be answered in episode 8 but they feel like under developed tools to advance the story. All complaints and un answered questions aside the movie is a nostalgia fest and its great to see the torch being passed along in such a fashion, I am very much looking forward to the next installment of this story, cant wait to write about episode 8 may the force be with us all.

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