“Just a small paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania”

What exactly is The Office? I can describe it in 3 words:  hilarious, engaging, and real. This show is one of the few true masterpieces to ever broadcast on television. From it’s cringeworthy humor (sweet and bitter!) to it’s eye-watering drama, the Office manages to turn a boring desk job to a dream career. This can be credited to it’s star characters in Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert, and the wonderful Pam Beesly. Their progressive character development through the years gives the audience a reason to invest and care for them.

An example of this is the ongoing relationship between Pam and Jim, best friends with deeper feelings in one of the best heart touching love stories of al time. This is not the only duo on the show, Jim and Dwight make a very interesting and hilarious “love-hate” relationship. Both try to one up each other, with Jim pulling pranks on Dwight, and Dwight sucking it up the boss.

Ignorance is bliss…

Speaking of the boss, let’s talk about the best character, in my opinion, in the dang show, Michael Scott! Michael Scott is the regional manager of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mufflin. He gives the higher ups the biggest headaches (that’s what she… actually, never mind)  which is the funniest thing about him. Narcissistic, attention-seeker, delusional, and ignorant all describe Michael Scott. So with all these negative adjectives, why do we love Scott so much? Well, it has to do with the actor behind Michael, Steve Carrell. If anyone else played this part, the character (and inevitably the show) would have failed. Steve Carrell did a good job of showing hilarious emotion and action in Michael. Every single thing he did contributed to his his character. He doesn’t always act like an 8 year old though, he does show adult skills in some of the episodes. After all, he is the boss for a reason. Michael Scott is one of the most diverse and layered characters to exist on TV. And he hates Toby, like a lot.

Fact, bears eat beets. Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.

Now it’s time to talk about Dwight, Dwight is probably the fan favorite for many. Dwight Schrute is portrayed to be the typical jack butt coworker that does everything to ruin your day. Well, he’s not really the typical person as he owns a beet farm but I digress. So if he really is the pain in the butt that he’s made out to be then why is he so well liked? One word. Gullible. He believes everything you tell him! No matter how many facts he knows about bears or how many times he hides his veins with his mind he will always believe anything. But the voluntary sheriff on the weekends is no dummy, he is probably the most intelligent person in the office, well behind Oscar, but Dwight is funnier. Dwight knows a lot of (useless) facts that the average person doesn’t know. Here’s a link to some of his most infamous quotes, check it out! http://goo.gl/MxcV2X Oh yea, did I mention he’s a black belt?


Last but not least, let’s talk about the love couple of the show, Pam Beasley and Jim Halpert. Why are they so perfect? Pb&J. Pam Beasley and Jim Halpert. P(am)B(easley)&J(im). Isn’t that so perfect? Their ongoing complex relationship is–JUST KIDDING.  I don’t want to ruin one of the best aspects of the show… yet.

In my opinion, The Office is the epitome of greatness that has ever touched the television screens across the United States of America.  Bless this show.

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