Blade and Soul is a MMORPG that has recently been released to North America and EU. The MMO is popular in Korea and before coming into the Western servers, it received tons of hype due to exceptionally good reviews in Korea. For newer players, here’s a list of all the classes to be considered to be the “best” class. Difficulty, utility, and DPS will be the primary factors. Alongside those major factors, PvP and PvE will be taken into consideration.


1. Summoner


Summoner is strong in both PvP and PvE because their cat familiar is able to both provide utility and dps, basically letting you play 2 characters at the same time. Having a familiar that regens its own health means that you won’t have to spend more money on health potions and food. Also, monsters and bosses tend to target the familiar over your actual character. This mechanic alone allows the summoner to attack without having to dodge often, while at the same time, tank the boss in a party.

2. Kung Fu Master


Kung Fu Master is the hardest class to learn putting them down the list a bit but still maintaining a high spot on the tier list. Kung Fu Master or KFM for short, has both high DPS and utility, offering a long stun (up to 7 seconds) and an infinite combo of attacks. However, to achieve KFM’s high single target damage, the KFM would have to master how to animation cancel. This is achieved by using a basic attack after a skill in order to stop the skill animation halfway through, giving the KFM to put in more attacks in a short time span. Also as a con, KFM has a hard time dealing with a large amount of monsters because KFM can only counter one attack and lacks in high damaging AOE abilities.

3. Force Master


Force Master is currently the only ranged character in the game and the fact that force master is range, increases their DPS insanely high because they won’t ever have to dodge in a party. The boss will not target the FM (Force Master) because other classes such as the KFM have abilities that can force the boss to target them. In PvP, they’re a force to be reckon with due to their ranged capabilities, crowd control, and mobility. However, FM’s are incredibly squishy so any attack that hits them is detrimental due to their low health pools.

4. Blade Master


Blade Masters are similar to KFM except they’re easier to play and lacks KFM’s infinite combo. Blade Master’s are a common class and are an extremely versatile class being okay at everything but best at nothing. In PvP, they’re one of the weaker classes due to their lack of being good at anything. Sorry Blade Masters.

5. Assassin


Assassins have high burst damage but that’s all they have going for them. Their utility is fairly weak and to achieve their high burst, they will have to remain in stealth or their attacks are giant wet noodles. Long cool downs means that they aren’t consistent with their damage, essentially halving their DPS.

6. Destroyer


Destroyers are pure DPS machines that specialize in AOE. They’re an amazing class to clear entire dungeons with but with killing bosses, they’re on the slower side. They lack in CC abilities and some of their skills actually lower the entire party’s DPS in exchange of increasing the Destroyer’s DPS. Unless you’re level 45 playing with lower level players, lowering the entire party’s DPS isn’t worthwhile.

7. Blade Dancer


Blade Dancers are one of the flashiest classes in the game and playing them is definitely fun but after your entire cool looking combo, the health bar barely moved a bit. Blade Dancer’s utilize aerial combos, something that every party hates. Aerial combos are fun to look at but from a technical stand point, you crowd control yourself since other mobs can still hit you while you’re mid air. Also by doing an aerial combo on a boss, other members of your party can’t hit the boss while it’s knocked up so it puts the party DPS next to zero. Not only turning the party DPS to almost zero, knocking up bosses could ruin a long crowd control train resulting in the boss resuming to attack the entire party and having the entire party call you vulgar names followed up by them never wanting to play with you again. Thanks Blade Dancers, thanks for ruining my DPS.


BONUS: Warlock and ???


Warlock is a summoner and force master hybrid. Yeah, they get their own familiar and they get to be ranged with a lot of utility and DPS. :[


As for the other class that hasn’t even come out on the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese server, he/she is apparently a Kung Fu Master and Force Master hybrid. The hybrid will be able to deal explosive AoE damage and provide ranged healing support abilities. Hopefully that something about them is checked, such as having a high difficulty like KFM or being squishy like Force Master.

Top 7 Classes of Blade and Soul
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