Roasting Water, located in Westminster, Garden Grove and now also Fountain Valley, is one of the cutest little boba shops you do not want to miss. Upon entering, customers are immediately greeted with the sweet aroma of tea and fresh coffee. I remember when I first walked in, I was so surprised with what was in front of me because the little shop is located at a small strip, but they really do know how to make do with little space. Their decor is 100 times more cute and modern compared to most locations, and they have a selection of mugs that their customers are allowed to buy. If you have the time, I would recommend following their Instagram if you are interested in purchasing their mugs because all throughout the year, they hold an event called “Mug Madness”, and sell mugs at a great deal and that includes a free hot drink!



What I find most interesting is that it’s not like any typical boba shop around, because at Roasting Water, they package their drinks in the most unique way. They use reusable glass bottles, that are closed off with a little cork, unlike the typical plastic bottles with the seal on top. Every now and then, they design limited edition bottles for people to collect, like the cherry blossom tree with the panda on it.

The workers there were all very sweet and accommodating. They welcome their customers with a hello and a smile. When it is your first time visiting, they will take the time to explain to you which ones are the most popular and most preferred for someone who typically likes to drink something more sweet or bitter.

After visiting a few times, I could definitely say and agree when they first told me that they are most known their teas. The best teas would be their guava tea, joker’s tea, and the #swag. The #swag is something that customers often go for when they want to personalize their drink because they are allowed to choose which two different kinds of fruits to put inside. Then they will ask you if you would prefer herbal or green tea. Herbal is decaffeinated and less sweet compared to the green tea. After doing so, they will ask if you would like to put add-ons to your drink such as: boba, honey aloe, grass or lychee jelly,  pom-poms (which are water chestnuts wrapped in tapioca, so it’s basically a crunchy version of boba!!!), and so much more!

But no worries my friend! If you do not like to drink tea, they have so much more for you to choose from. The menu at their locations is practically never ending because they have just about anything you could ask for. Hot/cold coffee, frappes, smoothies, and milk teas! I would give this place a 5/5 stars if I were to be asked to rate it. So if I were you, and had a sudden craving for boba and tea, this would be the place for you to go! 🙂

Getting 'Roasted' at Roasting Water
100%Overall Score
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