To be honest, this is not much of a hidden gem to local LA residents, but this is such an amazing place to venture and explore, it’s definitely considered a tourist spot. This scientific lab attracts so many people because of its beautiful interior and exterior, its fascinating history, and its breathtaking view from above. And most importantly, it’s free! Admission inside the observatory as well as the outside and parking is absolutely free. However, there are some short shows and educational tours that do cost money.


Outside, the Griffith Observatory offers a beautiful view above LA. You can see the streets, the nature, and downtown LA. From the observatory, you can also see the HOLLYWOOD sign, how cool is that?! You can also use telescopes to get an in-depth look into the sky or to look at the surroundings. Explore the perimeters and take in the wonderful scenery. Make sure to get some good pictures if you’re into aesthetics, or just simply enjoy the view!


On the inside, there is so much to explore as well as learn! When you first enter, a huge underground pendulum is in the center and you can watch as it moves from side to side. From there, you are allowed to enter the into the left, right, or center wing– wherever your heart desires! As you move further into the observatory, you can go into small corners and huge rooms with tons of cool information about the planets, solar systems, moon and sun phases, and so much more. It’s endless! But be careful, don’t get lost through the rooms and buildings or the world of science.

IMG_1099Griffith Observatory is such an educational, cool, and unique experience. It offers so much valuable information and sights, which is why it is extremely popular. Trust me, put this in your bucket list if you have not gone yet. You won’t be disappointed if you go. You might come in a little confused, but once you come out, you’ll be bedazzled and awed with science and space.

A Tourist Must: Griffith Observatory
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