Have you ever wondered why all girls have different shaped eyebrows?

Well let me tell you, we are all different in so many ways we could not be all the same person. How boring would that make the world if we were all the same? Eyebrows are what makes a statement to your face, it gradually tells your personality to the people around you. I know that’s kinda weird but it’s the truth! To have the fulfilling shape you desire you need to know that your brows are defined by your facial structure, typically meaning how your face is framed. For example it can be oval shaped, where your brows would have to be defined in having to structure a soft angle. Since your forehead is wider, having a really thick filling wouldn’t be the best for it. These are some other examples for you guys:

By having:
Curved eyebrows – you’re more intent with having a creative sense in your mind
Straight eyebrows– you’re showing confidence but with a pinch of being serious
Bushy natural eyebrows – you’re showing that you tend to be bold towards others
Low eyebrows – over thinks everything surrounding them
High eyebrows– you’re more of an exquisite person, probably being optimistic in your life

As you can see, eyebrows are the most important and delicate thing you need to take care of on your face! Eyebrows are time consuming tbh if you have the need to fill them in, to make it look more full, then go for it. But if your brows are naturally full and there’s no need for any filling then don’t do anything else to it because natural brows are goals for every girl btw CAN I PLEASE HAVE THEM??

Taking care of your brows by a professional is so much better than by firsthand plucking. Believe me I’ve done that before and it was so bad! But the WORST PART is that feeling that it looks good but when other people see it, and they say something bad about it! If you feel like you need to get it done, then have it either waxed or threaded. Getting it waxed will make your brows smooth and not having to worry about plucking because it lasts awhile before the follies grow back. Threading, however, is better by what other people say but it’s REALLY HARSH if you can handle it then, you go girl!

Your brows gives you a lot of happiness in your life, but there will be some downsides to having your brows to how you want them to be. For example, if you tend to have an over plucked shape eyebrow there are some theories that have been put out that if you tend to do this type of style to your brows then it’s harder to be able to have a serious full time job in the career field. Your co-workers around you won’t really take you seriously when you have a convo with them about your work. They’ll be more distracted because of your brows but like I said, these are other people’s opinions on them not mine! It’s your choice on how you do your eyebrows, I strongly believe that any brow shape will still make you look beautiful!


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