Move over expensive makeup that costs way more than my allowance! It is time for the ultimate brand that has literally the best quality and for the best price.

ColourPop is the newest brand that has earned many awards and has gained many fans. Their Instagram and Twitter page has millions of followers; and why wouldn’t they? They are cruelty free and their products are great. Let’s have a break down of what they can offer to the buyers, shall we.


First is the Super Shock Shadow. It is extremely pigmented and blendable. In fact, it is suggested to use your fingers to apply the product to really get the best use of the shadows. They come with three types of finishes and they are all SO FREAKING AMAZING. They are matte, satin, metallic, ultra-metallic, pressed pigment and pearlized. The shimmery finish is my absolute favorite. It is literally like the skin of Edward Cullen with a pinch of Fairy Dust.  The best part is that you don’t even need a primer to enhance the pigments because it is already so vibrant. The only downside to these types of product is that it will dry really fast if you leave it out for too long or or if the lid is loose. Just make sure to close the lid tightly before you put it away so that it doesn’t lose its magic. The cost is $5 a pop. ( lol get it? colourpop is pop)

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 7.16.20 AM

Second is their face products, like their blushes, bronzers, and of course HIGHLIGHTERS! Their blushes come with many pigments that will suit all types of skin tones. They have cool tones, warm tones, matte, shimmery, and they only cost $8 a pop. The bronzers come in great universal nudes and browns that will complicate anyone. They come with two types of finishes: satin and matte. They also cost $8 a pop. The last and a personal favorite of mine are the highlighters. They can make you glow from within or just illuminate like stars. The milky way can be on your cheeks with these things. All are very creamy and blendable.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 7.25.59 AM

In the area of eyeliners, they come in creme gel pot or a liner. They come with matte, metallic, and glitter for the gel pot. For the liners, they come in matte and metallic. Their range in colors is amazing. From black to gray to purple to pink toggle to silver. Basically everything in the rainbow and more. The eyeliners are very pigmented and smudge proof unless you want to make it blendable. It is great for a flirty wing or an edgy smokey eye.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 7.26.18 AM

And lastly, but a favorite of mine, their lip products. They come in as Ultra Matte Lip, Lippie Stix, and Lippie Pencil. The Ultra Matte Lip only comes in matte but the non basic colors and texture is amazing. It doesn’t dry or chap at all and it feels like butter on your lips. My personal favorite is Beeper and Scrooge and only comes at $6 a pop. The Lipppie Sticks and Lippie Liners, both $5 a pop, have the same coordinating colors so you won’t ever have to worry about finding the same shade of liners with your lip sticks ever again. They come with many finishes such as matte, satin, sheer, and more. Their lip colors come with swatches on different shades of skin so you can see exactly how it will look on you, which is very efficient. I suggest the color Brink because anyone can look really stunning wearing it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 7.59.48 AM Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 7.59.42 AM Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 7.59.27 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-13 at 8.06.06 AM

Colourpop really is an amazing brand, gaining millions of fans and of internet beauty gurus and celebs such as Jen Im, lilymaymac, and the icon of the internet Michelle Phan. In fact the gurus love the products so much that they even have a collaboration with Colourpop. Feral Creature collabed with them for a Lippie Stix and matching liner, ITSMYRAYERAYE made her own lip collection with their help in Ultra Matte, Lippie Stix, and Matching Lip Liners, and KathleenLights collated with them for many eyeshadows and Lippie Sticks. Their next collaboration is with Karrueche Tran, putting out 13 new products that will literally shake the internet to its core. I can’t wait to buy all of them. And guess what!? You get $5 off if you subscribe to their newsletter! So if you are looking for affordable but high quality then look now further and come hither to Colourpop.

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