One-Punch Man is a fairly new anime that aired October-December of 2015. Although it has risen to the top rather quickly within the past few months, the success of the series has been around since 2012, as it had originated from the popular webcomic of the same name, hitting 7.2 million viewers by June of that same year.


Many have wondered: How did One-Punch Man gain it’s popularity? The answer is quite simple. This series is created with the perfect blend of action, comedy, and a dash of drama. That being said, it appeals to a broader, more diverse audience than most.

Overview: One Punch Man follows the journey of Saitama, a man who strives to become a hero but only for fun. He trained everyday to become this hero that he sought so long to be, but has he become too strong? Saitama develops a problem in which he always defeats his opponents only using one punch, boring him and making it harder to become this hero for fun that he has always wanted.


  • Fighting: The fighting scenes in this anime are among the top and has the potential to put you at the edge of your seat. With fast paced movement, action that engages you, and gives you many thrills.
  • Characters: The characters are different in many aspects unlike most animes seen today. Each character has their own unique flare that causes the viewers to create their own opinions based on the characters rather than how the characters in the anime view them.
  • Humor: The humor in One Punch Man is very comical, with light jokes that are subtle. The careless nature of Saitama and his friendship with Genos adds a humor you can only get with One Punch Man.


  • Plot: The plot of One Punch Man is more or less simple, because his main journey is to achieve this goal of being a hero for fun and thrills. That being said, the main journey is not one big storyline of him struggling to reach it, rather it is of his battles with numerous enemies that he defeats with one punch.

Overall, One Punch Man is a great series and is highly reccomended for anime lovers all around.

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