Counter Strike is a popular video game franchise that made its debut in June of 1999 when Valve released its first public beta.  This public beta was very popular and so it led to the creation of Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike Source, and the most recent installment, CSGO.

Counter Strike is very unorthodox compared to every other shooter out there because the inability to ADS (Aim Down Sights) unless you’re using a sniper or a gun with a scope[clarify on this]. This game also has much more recoil with the weapons, so “spraying”, which is when you fire wildly and hope you hit your target is not an effective tactic. Because of this you must be calm when playing so you prevent “spraying”.CSGO 1


  • Graphics: I can’t emphasize enough that this game has the best graphics of any shooter I have seen so far.
  • Multiplayer: this game is great to play with friends or by yourself.
  • Strategy: this game requires it so it allows good players to actually shine.


  • Hackers: even though you rarely see them in a competitive game (which is the ranked mode), when play them it is really frustrating.
  • Lack of maps and game modes: CS:GO only has 4 game modes and 3 are rarely played. With the maps there are 3 main ones that are played over 60% of the time. I feel this makes the game a little bland and holds it back from perfection.
  • Steep learning curve: this game takes around a month to get used to the unorthodox type of shooter Counter Strike is.

CSGO 2Over all Counter Strike is a game that has so much replay-ability even though its lack of maps and game modes will make it seem bland, it’s a game that I would recommend to anyone looking for a shooter that is very competitive and different from the rest.

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