Review: K-Dramas

K-Dramas are South Korea’s signature perspective on reality based on their culture and standards. It can come off as hilarious and shockingly depressing. K-Dramas are known worldwide for its insane plot twists and unforgettable shenanigans that cause endless laughter. From your mother refusing to bless yImage result for boys before flowersour marriage to a vampire doctor saving lives and falling in love with a patient. There are a plethora of themes of K-Dramas, which don’t seem to be running out anytime soon.

Flashback into the past, the drama “Boys Over Flowers” debuted in South Korean and made its way to America in 2009, based off the Japanese shoujo manga by Yoko Kamio. This modern day spin-off of the tale Cinderella tells the story of a lower class girl that gets a chance a life of the rich and attracting the attention of four beautiful boys who make her life a lot more interesting. This drama alone captures the hearts of millions through only a span of 25 episodes, suddenly the joy of watching a mind-blowing, twisted reality in the lives of a group of teenagers in South Korean became incredibly entertaining and shockingly addicting. Yet this was only the beginning.

Image result for heirsYears later K-dramas have grown popularity and became easier to watch through a variety of apps on the go. Fans everywhere are filling themselves with more K-Dramas each and everyday. Many famous dramas such as Heirs, Producer, Pinocchio, School 2015 and Orange Marmalade – just to name a few – made its way to America as modern day legends.  Image result for school 2015

“It’s a dream you wish you lived. It also contains of boyfriend of which you came across. Unrealistic situations that girls [of all ages] dream of having, no matter if you’re still in middle school or in a wheelchair at a nursing home. K-Dramas make the cheesiest situations seem realistic,” says Naomi Lim (12).

As time flies, K-dramas will be the essence of the old generation that experienced the original stories that made their hearts break into pieces and cry for hours, yet it is the most entertaining and exhilarating experience every time an episode airs. As the first generation grows older, our love for Korean dramas grow bigger, and we await for the next generation to create more extraordinary fairy tales hidden beneath South Korea for our hops and dreams to come alive on the television screen.

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