Back in 2014 Bungie, the game studio that brought us the magnificent Halo, brought us a new game, Destiny. A free roaming multiplayer action packed game made to satisfy out sci-fi needs in awesome space combat. But in the beginning when the game first came out it was everything but what we wanted.

Starting off with way to many glitches and not enough story to play. The only thing that kept us going on with the game was the quests to get that sweet, precious exotic armor. The game was if anything heavily repetitive, as it was released that the intended story of the game was cut due to issues last minute to the game’s release. This made the players angry in the least as they were left with a game that was no fun to play, and that wasn’t even finished.


But a year later in 2015 Destiny was finally able to release the story that they knew was true in the beginning, Destiny: The Taken King. The brand new expansion was amazing, adding in new story and amazing cutscenes and guns and armor for us to unlock. It was everything that we wanted and more. Bringing a new era to Destiny. It completely changed the way we played Destiny, practically changing everything for the better. But most importantly it added a brand new adversary Oryx, the Taken King himself, making him the new antagonist that you must stop at all costs. As he will stop at nothing to consume earth in his power in revenge of you killing his son Crota in an earlier expansion.

This was an amazing back story added making even an Oryx a character to get involved in learning his story of development and evil along with his sisters equal in power. And now to complete your journey to finally finish the torment of earth you must act fast and take journey to the Raid. A fast paced puzzle based mission that is at the least a couple hours long that you must complete with a fire team of six people in order to work together, and finally achieve the satisfaction of killing Oryx and unlocking amazing loot and armor, only making you much more powerful in the battlefield. But in the end The Taken King expansion for Destiny was a great add and really made it like the game that was meant to be. And personally I’m super excited for future expansions to come.


Oryx: url

Destiny Title Card: url


Review: Destiny the Taken King
Visually stunningStrong replayabilityGreat community
GlitchesWeak single-player
8.2Amazing Game!
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