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Apple phones have great apps for anything and everything! However, most apps that it comes with are not necessary to all. The majority of people don’t even know how to use the app or don’t even touch it at all! They’re just keep it in the “Extra Folder.” Some of the apps that people don’t even know how to use are: Stocks (people that don’t know what stocks are), Game Center (poeple that don’t play games on their phones), Tips (people don’t even pay attention to this app because they feel like they know everything about the iPhone already). People already use other things instead of their iPhone apps. There are some apps that should be able to be deleted, that should be able to install in the App Store, and most importantly, people should find out how to use the app properly.

One of the reasons why most people don’t use some iPhone apps are because they already use something else. Such as, the people that use Kindle and not iBook, or use another app to get News instead of the News app. For people that don’t use these Apps and just have it in the “Extra Folder” they should be able to delete the apps. I suggest that the iSO should have the app already intalled but also be able to delete. There is an option where you can restrict the apps on your iPhone, however, it doesn’t necessarily delete the app.

These are the Apps that should be able to remove:
News – I really like this App because in the beginning it gives options to chose all the resources of news that you like, such as Teenvoyage, Political Party News, Vox, Vice, CNN, ESPN, FOOD network, etc. However, all these resources you can find on the App Store or any other app! That’s why I feel like the “News” app should be able to delete.
Wallet – Give cards to Apple pay, passports, keeps your money. A lot of people that don’t know how to use the the wallet app.
iBooks – buy books or get books for free, there’s no need for Kindle when you have iBook.
Compass – Know which way north, south, east, and west(ern) is! But why need a compass when you have maps? Yes, it may be nessesary but no one even uses it.
Tips – Get tips from all the apps on your phone
Videos – You can look at videos in your Camera Roll so there is no reason for this app
Game Center – Keep track of your gamer scores, games, and play against other players
Find Friends – Why would want this app you don’t even have friends?
Voice Memos – Who needs to hear your ugly voice?
Heath – Know how many steps you take daily, heath data, and sources. You can also make info about yourself available to others in case of an emergency, open the Health app and Medical ID to fill in the details. To view, tap Emergency on the lock screen.
Reminders – Are you an old grandpa and forget everything? Well Reminders is just for you! lol I’m just kidding, but reminders do help you if you are a really busy person and lose track of time. Or even if you aren’t even busy and just forget to wash the dishes. Uses reminders to help you out.
Stocks – You can track stocks and investments using your iPhone, and you can edit the list (adding new stocks you are tracking and deleting any stocks you’ve lost interest in) whenever you wish. Most people don’t have stocks or even pay attention to stocks. So this app should be able to be installed on the Apple store for people that use stocks.
Podcasts – With Podcasts for iOS, you can stream or download podcasts over Wi-Fi or a cellular network. You can also subscribe to podcasts that you listen to or watch regularly. Podcasts for iOS even let’s you subscribe to password-protected podcasts.
Watch – You can pair your iPhone with your watch. You can also call a friend to say “Happy Birthday.” Play your favorite album. Check your flight status. Unlock your car door. Check your heartbeat. And while you’re at it, lower the thermostat in your home. All instantly, right from your wrist. Yes, iPhone watches are VERY cool however, for the people that do not own an iPhone watch, the Watch app is just one of those, “I wish I could delete but can’t” app.

These apps aren’t useless because they are already installed on our phones for a reason. I believe if people found out how to use these apps, they’ll be using them all the time. As for the apps that we don’t use at all, we should be able to delete. Nobody likes to have unwanted apps on their phones and apps that just take up storage space that we can use for other apps and media. To delete some of theses apps other than using restrictions, you can jailbreak your phone. As of 5 January 2016, that remains the case, and officially you’re still not allowed to delete Apple’s preinstalled apps from your iPhone or even hide their icons (although of course you can pop all the unwanted apps in a folder in a screen on their own, and never look at them again).

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