Mean Girls (2004)

They say nothing can prepare you for high school. That statement is a lie. I think it should be a requirement to watch Mean Girls because it’s the perfect introduction to girl world. It’s crucial that both girls and boys understand girl world because once there is a problem, everyone becomes part of that problem.

Throughout the movie, there are various events that high school students can relate to but now they are better understood. For example, when a girl compliments another girl, is it really a compliment or a hate comment? How long does a grudge last? According to Regina George, since junior high school when she told everyone that Janis was a lesbian. Girls love talking behind other girls’ backs and then acting like they’re friends to their face just to maintain a social image.

They saying keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer is perfectly depicted. Competition in the girl world is no joke. The humor added is a great way to embed the common girl fight moves into the head of the audience.

In completion, this movie is not something you can just watch one time. It becomes the Bible by which all teenagers should live by. As stupid as some of the things may sound, they can be beneficial.

Mean Girls is such a good movie that I recommend you go on your Netflix and watch it because it is truly such an inspirational movie mixed in with comedy.

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