Review: nVidia GeForce 980 Ti Review
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8GTX 980 Ti Review Score
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The nVidia 980 Ti is one of the nicest and fastest cards the nVidia has released, compared to the 970 Ti this card runs way better. For some reason after nVidia released their $1000 graphics card the GeForce Titan X, they released the 980 Ti which was almost comparable to the Titan but was a little bit better.

Pros & Cons of the 980 Ti
– You can you run most games in 1440p
– Adds 6GB of VRAM
– Higher selection of coolers
– DirectX 12

– Costs $100 over the FuryX stock price
– Doesn’t support free sync
– Should have a high priced PC

Out of everything I would pick the nVidia GeForce 980 Ti because it’s a much better card and one of the top cards out in the world right now. The 980 Ti has performance and it costs much less than the Titan X and it also gives more performance output.

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