Nikon just jumped over Canon! Most people prefer Canon over Nikon cameras, but they’re yet to find out Nikon cameras are a lot better. Nikon is known to have a variety of features Canon fails to have. I am not saying that Canon makes bad cameras, all I’m saying is Nikon is a lot better. I will be reviewing Nikon in this blog so you won’t have to hear me complain about Canon as much. Now moving on to the review part of this article.

Nikon has a variety of cameras for any types of photographers whether you are shooting vacations or shooting for Sports Illustrated. If you’re a beginner photographer, you might want to go for the Nikon D3200. The Nikon D3200 is a great entry level camera for beginners of all kinds. If you do not mind spending the extra buck and you want to have a camera with more features, the Nikon D5500 is the perfect camera for photographers that want to take the extra step. You are probably bored thinking why is the article so boring, well this is just the warm up. Now onto the review.

Not all Nikon cameras have the same features, that’s what makes them so beautiful. More advanced cameras, like the Nikon D5, are professional cameras because of the features it includes. The Nikon D5 has a max ISO of 3 million! Not all Nikon DSLR’S work great in low light, in fact some can’t even function when there isn’t light available.

Nikon and Canon are not really different from each other, the biggest difference is that Nikon cameras have a better grip and better neck straps. Before we get into this article, I am not biased on which Camera is better, but I am a Nikon guy.

In this review I’ll be reviewing the Nikon D7100. The Nikon D7100 has 24.1 MPs and is a crop sensor DSLR camera. No doubt the Nikon D7100 is very much like Canon’s very own Canon 60d. Here are some key features of the Nikon D7100:

  • 24.1 MP
  • Up to 6 fps with 100 continuous shots.
  • Wireless sharing with WU-1a adapter.
  • 51 autofocus points
  • 950 shot battery life
  • 25,600 max ISO
  • Supports RAW
  • CMOS sensor
  • 1080p HD videos

The Nikon D7100 has a lot of key features. Nikon is beautiful in every aspect. Nikon makes some of the best cameras in the business! Overall, I’d say Nikon would be my number one choice if I was to buy a camera.

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